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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Track Workout

Track workouts are probably the hardest to prescribe in this type of format, given the fact that they depend so much on what kind of base you are working from and how hard you are willing to push yourself. They are also – frankly – not as key over the summer, since you are working to build a pre-pre-season base. That said, track workouts can work to build a base, improve quickness – and sprinting is important to keep in your repetiore, so if you’re not playing regularly, for instance, a track workout can be a nice substitute.

So, what follows are general guidelines, followed by a few examples. Your best bet is to sit down using these guidelines, assess your fitness level and commitment level, do some research, and come up with your own plan. Basic guidelines:
#1 A standard track is 400m around. 4 laps is generally a mile. As you look at a track workout, you want it to fall somewhere in the 1.5-2.5 total mile range (obviously if you are doing longer distances you will be towards the higher end of this).
#2 Within that total distance, you can break it down in infinite numbers of ways. For your summer training purposes, I would always include some 400s, 200s/100s and not go any lower that 70s/50s. Again, you’re building a base, not fine-tuning your sprinting technique.
#3 You must warm up properly before every track workout. Here is a good warm-up:
- 2-3 jogged laps
- Light Stretching Focused on Legs
- Warm-Up Plyos – 2x High Knees and 2x Butt Kicks (20-25m and explosive)
- Light Full-Body Stretch
- 2x60m accelerators (50% for 0-20m, 75% for 20-40m, 100% for 40-60m)
#4 The rest is just as important as the sprinting. You are training yourself to recover from exertion; don’t skimp on the rest, even if it seems long (if you are bored, stretch).
#5 Finding track workout programs is easy to do online. Even googling “ultimate frisbee track workouts” will yield helpful results.

Below are a couple of track workout examples; one focused on longer distances and one a more varied setup.

400/200 WORKOUT [2.2 mi total]
Active Warm Up
2 sets 3 x 400 - 1:30 min rest, 3 minutes between sets
3 x 200 - :55 sec rest
Break - 3 mins
2:30 rest
Core Workout
Cool Down Lap and STRETCH

LADDER WORKOUT [1.5 miles total]
Active Warm Up
3x 200 – 45 seconds rest
2x100 – 35 seconds rest
3x70 – 30 seconds rest
4x40 – 25 seconds rest
Break – 3:30 mins
4x40 – 25 seconds rest
3x70 – 30 seconds rest
2x100 – 35 seconds rest
3x200 – 45 seconds rest
Break – 3:00 mins
Core Workout
Cool Down Lap and STRETCH


Blogger BVH said...

This track workout kicked my ass yesterday:

200 (60 sec. rest)
400 (75 sec.)
400 (90 sec.)
600 (3 min.)
400 (105 sec.)
400 (90 sec.)
200 (3 min.)
200 (75 sec.)
400 (90 sec.)

My times: 28, 74, 74, 2:13 (ouch!), 71, 72, 32, 32, 75, 31


8:46 PM

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