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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lifting Workout

Below is a pretty straight-forward, comprehensive lifting program. If you have not lifted regularly in a while, or ever, start slowly, and seek advice. You will notice that this is relatively high-rep and thus you will not be maxing out very much, if ever. Instead, start at a level you are comfortable with and add a bit of weight between sets. Remember, the goal of lifting for ultimate is to improvie explosiveness and prevent injury, not to bulk up.

Many of these lifts are common, so I haven't described them. If you are unsure of how they are done, you can google them or ask someone at the gym. Again, there is a fair amount of room for maneuvering within this program - for instance calves or squats can be done with free weights or a machine; find what works best for you and - most importantly - what you are comfortable with. That said, don't skimp - do all the sets, even if you have to go back down in weight or reps on the later sets. And do it in order - there's a reason that box jumps follow leg curls.

#1 Warm-Up: 100 hits jumprope or 10 mins light bike

#2 Core Workout

#3 Workout Routine:
1) power pull from floor (4x5reps) / superset with dumbbell squat jumps (3x8reps)
2) squat (3x10reps) / superset with leg extensions (2x10)
3) bench press (3x10)
4) pull-ups (3x6)
5) smith shoulder press (3x10)
6) tricep straight bar pulldown (2x12)
7) barbell bicep curl (2x12)
8) leg curls (2x12)
9) box jumps (3x8)
10) wrist rollers (4x up/down)
11) reverse back extension (2x15)
12) calves (3x12 with 30seconds of bouncing after the last rep)



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