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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Plan

The summer workout schedule is meant to be as flexible as possible. People have different access to fields, tracks, weight rooms, etc, and some are travelling, so this workout plan aims to accomodate as much as possible. The workout schedule is also relatively light. Remember that the summer is a full two seasons away from the one that counts - no need to burn out early. That said, if you return to NF this fall a better player and better athlete than when you left campus this spring, well, good things will happen.

The main thing to do this summer is to PLAY. Pickup, summer league, tossing with a friend - it's key to play outside of NF and learn from other players/styles as much as possible.

Okay, here's the workout routine. Simply put, you should aim to do three things each week at least. The combination of these things is up to you. Here are the types of workouts - the details of what they entail will be explained in further posts. The only consistent thing among these workouts is that you will be doing a brief "Core Workout" before each. The core workout routine will be explained in a post. Your options:

#1 Playing Workout
#2 Lifting Workout
#3 Road Running Workout
#4 Track Workout

Again, these are diverse enough that they should accomodate your schedule. If possible, mix it up a bit. A good two weeks would look like this:

Monday: Road Workout
Tuesday: Summer League (#1)
Thursday: Lifting
Saturday: League/Pick-Up
Monday: Lifting
Wednesday: Road Workout
Friday: League Game

You get the drift... The workouts are detailed below. Make sure to keep people posted on what you're doing.


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